Destination Travel Network (DTN) has been in the advertising space exclusively for the Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) since 2010, under Simpleview’s umbrella. They aim to provide customized advertisement packages that publishes directly to the destination’s official tourism site. Local industry professionals ensure that the content posted are relevant and timely as they update this daily. DTN allows advertisers to target prospect visitors by purchasing targeted space online, allowing full, powerful exposure.

Visit Albany and Visit Baltimore are amongst the many DMOs that entrusted their advertisement strategy to DTN. Based on a recent statistic, 2/3 of consumers can recall a specific advertisement they have seen from the previous week, which can increase the purchase ratio to about 144% if it was on a form of a video.

Goal is to get world-class campaigns integrated with their website to provide their stakeholders to advertise and advantageously generate revenue

While Albany and Baltimore plan of rolling out touchscreens and kiosks on their visitor centers, they wanted to find a robust solution that can integrate with their existing CRM as well as the advertisement platform. TrueOmni allowed easy integration of any existing CMS/CRM across any touchpoint devices that we deploy. This will entitle the DMOs to easily transfer real-time content to the touchscreens, inclusive of: