User-generated content (UGC) has been proven an effective marketing strategy across all types of organizations. The marketing content from your audience can pull an extreme increase in engagement rate, traffic and sales conversion. Crowdrif understood and incorporated their AI-powered marketing platform for all their travel and tourism customers. With more than 500 million images and over 350 DMO partnership worldwide,
Crowdriff continues to enable marketers to explore and engage with their audience through digital content.

Digital displays and multi-touchpoint devices are considered to be one of the top strategies to drive deeper engagement with your visitors and guests

Raising brand awareness and nurturing adequate destination information.

We, at TrueOmni, had the pleasure to work with several DMOs that believe in the power of Social media and its user’s content. Destinations like San Francisco, Louisiana Tourism, Visit Montrose, Visit Mesa, Sioux Falls and Columbia South Carolina.Using our OmniPlatform, we integrated with Crowdriff:

By setting up channels through location, we can utilize the power of the Crowdriff platformto engage visitors and guests, and drive rich in-destination and on-property experiences.
Enjoying the latest and the freshest content for their visitors – updated listings, itineraries, events and more throughout the omnichannel