Concierge goes Mobile and Everyone Wins


Concierge goes Mobile and Everyone Wins

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The Challenge

How do we elevate our services when people have less, to no means of an actual in-person interaction?   A great question most of us have or will have to deal with as hotels around the world begin to open up.   Maybe a better way of putting it is how can we enhance guest experience through the devices our guests are already using, and most prefer to use over calling or direct human interaction. 

It’s not mystery that hotel concierge and guest services will change forever, and although we are not locked in to any particular channel, here are some things to consider as you look forward mobile and interactive solutions.

Mobile Hotel Concierge

75% of your guests are using their phone for communication, with technology you can connect and drive an overall better experience and understanding of your guest.   Utilizing a hotel’s mobile app is not an issue to any traveler as long as internet access is available and there is value or reason to download.   (Note new technology is available to avoid app store downloads)

Here is quick list on key features:

  • Mobile Check-in and Checkout – Let your guests check-in prior to arrival and get notification when the room is ready.
  • Mobile Key – Allow easy access to your room by simply tapping your phone. Bluetooth and NFC integration for a more handy and flexible option.
  • Butler services – allow your guests to text for services, look at things like AI or chatbots to reduce actual human responses and provide 24×7 concierge at their fingertips
  • Staff to guest video conference – no need to wait at the front desk to get someone to assist you. Chat with them one on one from anywhere in the hotel.
  • Mapping – hotel and in destination for easy navigation, step by step or driving directions.
  • Local information- Things to do and Restaurants, with built in recommendations, coupons and offers, provide an instant high level of convenience and savings

Mobile, Changing The Way We Live

Mobile commerce daily created a poll to test how mobile concierge can be used 46 percent of travelers would happily use a mobile concierge service with requests such as restaurant reservations (62 percent), directions (51 percent) and tickets to tourist attractions (48 percent). This survey says so much about how we utilize our mobile devices during vacation. It is important that we consider these kinds of statistics when implementing new options for our businesses, especially hotels.

Mobile service is definitely changing the way people explore, travel and relive good experiences.  It’s not as complicated as you think to utilize existing mobile technology or introduce new mobile tech to drive more convivence, safety and personalization.  (Some bonus information below from

Give guests answers before they ask

With a strategic selection of content and user-friendly navigation, hotels can answer many guest questions directly in their hotel app. Guests can see restaurant and room service menus, photos, schedules, and information for other hotel amenities, and then make reservations and place orders themselves. You can also provide information for local partners like shopping, tourism, and entertainment destinations outside the hotel.

Drive additional revenue

A mobile concierge can also be a powerful marketing tool. It gives hotels a platform to tailor promotions and offers with a much higher probability of engagement because you often have actionable customer information, like a history of guests’ mobile app activity and purchases.

Increase productivity

A variety of reporting functions are typically available within mobile concierge solutions to monitor how quickly staff responds, among other efficiency metrics. Comparing this data to guest service feedback brings more dimension to your appraisal of staff performance and helps to improve your systems and processes.

Reduce human error

The best of employees makes mistakes now and then. This technology virtually eliminates any chance of guest requests falling through the cracks. If requests aren’t completed within a given time, many mobile concierge apps have a system of escalating unfulfilled requests up the management chain to ensure someone handles it (and before guests have a chance to complain).

Spend more time with guests

Giving hotel guests the ability to use a mobile concierge solution empowers your concierge staff to be even better in their jobs. When simple concierge requests are handled by a mobile app, the hotel staff can spend more time with nuanced guest services where their personal touch is a clear added value.

Cultivate a brand dedicated to the guest experience

Guests expect and prefer hotels to offer the latest in technological convenience. It adds to your property’s positioning as savvy, up-to-date, and dedicated to improving your guests’ experience. This is especially true with younger travelers, who are only beginning to show their profit potential in the industry.

Getting Your Hotel’s Mobile Concierge Started

Luckily, a hotel does not need to be a large, luxury property to access and implement mobile concierge solutions. There are a few approaches to setting it up, with options to fit different budgets, objectives, and existing resources.

For example, if you already have a hotel mobile app, the first step is asking the developers of your current app if they can add concierge functions. If so, you can give them your mobile concierge capability wish list. You’ll want to work with them to ensure the front end is easy for guests to use and the back end provides efficient workflows for your staff.

For hotels that either don’t yet have a mobile app or can’t easily develop concierge functions within their existing app, there are multiple third-party solutions that are ready to deploy. These solutions offer a range of concierge capabilities, typically integrate with most PMS systems, and are often less expensive.

With all the advantages for guests and hotels that a mobile concierge app can add, the only question remaining is how quickly you can deploy yours. Offering both traditional and mobile concierge options can elevate the personalized service that the concierge team strives to provide, improving the overall hotel experience for your guests.

If you want to know more about TrueOmni’s mobile hotel concierge option, call us at 833-300-6664 or email us at

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