Columbia bears the second largest population in South Carolina, otherwise known as the Palmetto State. Being situated in the Southeast of United States, Columbia gets to have mild Winter, beautiful autumn and hot summer times. Having brought over $15 million in revenue, tourism, has been the strongest suite of the state. The city shares a vast array of options for tourists. From the famous Gamecock Country to multinational festivals, from their great mountains and all the way down to the sea, Columbia is truly “Made for Vacation”.

Key Goals:

Tourism, being one of the staple sources of revenue in South Carolina, Columbia decided to take the level higher by steering away from the standard visitor experience. They opt for a technologically advanced approach in answering basic FAQ’s and extending customer relations by enhancing their facilities. Some of the implementations that they are looking for, follow a set of requirements:


TrueOmni was given the opportunity to work hand in hand with Columbia South Carolina in enhancing their visitor center. The implementation extended core services assistance via omnichannel devices, and build-out of a new center to ensure core objectives were met. Here are some of the provided services:

Core functionality: