Did you know that visitors spent roughly $380 million in 2019, providing a total of 3100 local jobs in the Cheyenne area? With Visit Cheyenne’s vision of developing and promoting their travel industry, their goal is to continuously create memorable experiences for visitors while increasing revenue and job opportunities for Laramie County.

Products Used


Cosmic II




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Visitor Center



Key Goal:

As they start to rapidly recover from the COVID19 Pandemic, Visit Cheyenne created a tourism Master Plan that’s would promote their destination while developing additional tourism assets to strengthen the brand. As part of this initiative, they sought help in finding touchless ways to connect with their visitors and guests.

Goal Features:


In this partnership, we were able to launch two Interactive kiosks and a 50″ digital display to provide Visitors with their much-needed local information. We integrated with Visit Cheyenne’s CRM, Simpleview, for real-time updates on events and listings. Along with this implementation, we have also launched the following features:

Core Functionality:

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