Shea Homes is one of the largest private homebuilders in the nation. Since its founding in 1968, Shea Homes has built more than 100,000 homes. Over the past several years, Shea Homes has been recognized as a leader in customer satisfaction with a reputation for design, quality and customer service. Products Used Gemini Gemini Enviroment model homes Year 2022 Key Goal: Shea Homes decided to innovate and automate their design process connecting the experience for home buyers. The goal is to make these location more interactive for customers and help them navigate the different options for each property type, driving more convenient and automated ways to engage: Option for customers to learn about the appliances, kitchen and other add-on packages New ways to promote upgrades and connect the experience through interactive experiences Cater to local and international customers, find options to remove communication barriers Ensure updated and accurate information by location by Integrate into their existing system Reduce time of design process from days to hours and provide better data points on customers Solution: True Omni partnered with Shea Homes to evaluate the possible opportunity of introducing interactive Kiosks at each sales office and desgin center. Utilizing branded touchscreen. These are some of the important benifites of the update: Core Functionality: Increase convenience and more connected to modern home buyers Centralized control and real-time analytics through purpose build Kiosk analytics – Kiolytics More accurate product updates and pricing in real time ensuring consistency of experience Reduction of design times from days to hours Brand awareness and promotion Gather valuable visitor data and detect visitor demographics Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?

Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns, an NBA team based in Phoenix,Arizona has been a legendary brand for years. They have some of the most iconic players in the basketball, to a rich heritage and die-hard fans. Phoenix Suns apparel and logo is surely seen all over the world. Products Used Cosmic II Video wall 3×2 Display Enviroment retail store  Year 2018 Key Goals: Along with the growth of their followers and customers, Phoenix Suns had to look for new ways to redesign its team shop to welcome more fans and connect all the great products they offered. Phoenix Suns was in search of a tech partner that would help implement features that can be increase flow, awareness, and sales. Utilizing technology throughout the new store design Recognize and connect to their visitors through Social Media channels Drive awareness on new products and offerings as fans walk in Find and build additional revenue and connection points while shopping Integrate touch experiences to showcase players and apparel Integrate with their e-commerce (Shopify) Phase II Provide an easy to use cloud base system for ongoing management Solution: TrueOmni worked with Phoenix Suns to help integrate digital signage and interactive experience throughout the stores. Working with the interior designer, we helped place Video wall and engagement points that reduced wait time and increased overall product information. We were able to deploy the solution inside of 60days and ensure easy expandability and change management as stores and needs changed. The Talking Stick Resort Arena shop featured: Core Functionality: Custom-built video wall for custom video, imagery, and advertising Omni Social Wall with User Generated Content curated through chosen hashtags Interactive touchscreen for easy product looks up and sharing Options for integrated purchasing and shipping through touchscreens Options for Shopify integration with options for a full eCommerce solution 24/7 remote support and on-site assistance per request Cloud-based omnichannel system for easy management and updates Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?


Tagged as one of the Best Surf Brands of 2017, Volcom continuously makes its name across the snowboarding, skating, surfing and even on casual clothing line vertical. Having started by Richard and Tucker in 1991, 27 years is never enough to voice their creativity across the globe. Products Used Cosmic II Video Wall 3×1 Display Enviroment Retail Store Year 2019 CHALLENGE As Volcom continuously create a wider range of apparel, they also aim to match the industry’s uprising technological advances for marketing and advertising. Volcom was looking to upgrade all their new stores with a digital experience, integrating with dynamic video, imagery and local social content. KEY GOALS: Enhance customer experience by digitalizing content. Create and boost brand awareness via Social Media accounts. Integrate their CRM to work across all touchpoints. Feature advertisements, new items and upcoming events. Provide 24/7 support system. SOLUTION Volcom and TrueOmni laid out video wall display and social strategy for each new store. With a goal to continue to evolve the digital customer experience through social, ecommerce and eventually kiosk and mobile engagement. The key of the solution is to provide real time visual content management tools to the marketing staff to provide highest impact of promotional brand and product information. CORE FUNCTIONALITY: Provided digital content integrated into all digital display units. Implemented the chosen UGC content via Omni’s Social Wall extension on all devices. Maximized cost efficiency by aggregating their content into Omni’s platform. Included access to the Support team who handles remote and on-site support + 24/7 hotline Customer Experience Social Content Support Cost Reduction Platform Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?


With over $25 Billion sales in 2017, Macy’s has proven to be one of the top companies in the United States. Macy’s retail started with dry goods and then later on launched several spectextacle including Cultural, botanical and community. Hailed as the Department Store of the year in 2016, Macy’s continue to expand along with Bloomingdale’s and now about 690 stores and counting.   Products Used Cosmic II Gemini Gemini Enviroment Visitor Center Year 2019 Key Goals: With noticeable increase in number of customers, Macy’s would like to improve its digital connection points within destination marketing. Goal is to provide better digital tools for travelers to experience the destination and its stores. Engaging visitors to become shoppers through couponing and connection to its mobile initiatives. Core to this is replacing all outdated equipment and installing next generation Kiosks to build a foundation to its tourism marketing initiatives. Some key factors include:  Maximize destination information to drive visitor experience Interactive mapping and transportation options (including local ticketing in some locations) Provide coupons and deals via interactive kiosks Real-time customer analytics Maximize revenue and awareness of in-store kiosks by allowing advertising options Solution: TrueOmni and Macy’s partners to provide the next generations of touchscreen Kiosks built with integrated local content, events, interactive mapping and couponing. Replacing outdated software and hardware to ensure a foundational structure to their tourism strategy. An organized program nationwide of conversion, upgrading and hardware installation managed and support through Omni, with the core goal of helping and learning more about how visitors engage at the store and tourism level.  Core Functionality: Replaced old hardware with modern, sleek-designed, next generation kiosks Provided robust cloud based software solution for easy content management Next generation revenue management through couponing and advertising Integrated destination content that auto-updates daily Interactive mapping and sharing to allow ease of navigation Real time analytics on engagement and sharing 24/7 monitoring and support Visitor experience Social Content Generate Ad Revenue Data Capture Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?