TrueOmni and their strategic partner, Samsung Electronics, are pleased to announce integration between Omni Platform and Samsung’s Tizen OS. The integration of these two technologies provides next generation engagement for customers in Travel, Hospitality and Retail. It allows robust display, touch and mobile solutions to integrate and share information across any customer touch point Challenge Take ground up renovations to Visitor Center, Lobbies and Stores around the world and innovate new experience across all device types. Build the first fully integrated Samsung Display and Touch experience at Sanibel-Captiva Visitor Center augmenting and reducing traditional paper-based experience and changing light boxes to a complete digital advertising medium. Key goals: Reduce moving components, increase performance by utilizing Samsung OS. Provide easy publishing options and data management through Omni Platform. More efficient means of managing and increasing Ad revenue and Display options. Increase member value and digital visitor data and information Solution Succeed in this radical transformation of a traditional space, by taking advantage of digital, human engagement and by providing a new connection to visitor experience. We replaced old light boxes with 27 Digital Displays, 2 Videowalls and 4 touchscreen kiosks. The solution would encompass Tizen integration and connections to Omni Platform for advertising, content, social, support and monitoring. Core functionalities: Integrated Omni Platform with Tizen OS increased management, monitoring and support Digital Display Content Management (Omni Ad Network), driving revenue and centralized management Touchscreen solutions for connected mapping, sharing and itinerary building Cloud based data management (WordPress Integration) – Easy ongoing management Guest Experience Social Content Support Data Capture Platform


Simpleview, the largest interactive web solution for destination marketing organizations (DMOs) across the globe has stepped up the ladder by providing a more comprehensive CRM solution. As Simpleview focuses on improving in platform, they allow their destination customers to have a more user-friendly experience in content management, digital marketing, web and mobile development. With the rise of centralized data technology, DMOs like Albany, LA Tourism, Chicago and more are looking to extend a more robust technological approach in enhancing their visitor experience. TrueOmni worked with Simpleview to easily integrate existing data structures inside their CRM to OMNI Digital displays, Videowalls and Kiosks helping directly solve common challenges during implementation: With this joint solution we easily – Connect to SV CRM and CMS platforms Reduce length of deployment to extend to new platforms No additional time needed to manage another CMS Easly connect to UGC and other content points We at TrueOmni, get to work closely with hundreds of software and hardware partners worldwide. We aim to provide a robust solution to DMOs who wanted to use their existing technology accross any digital touchpoint. As a one-stop-shop for all your omnichannel needs, we allow easy deployment through our OmniPlatform eliminating the need to create a new back-end solution for all your content. We provide turnkey software hardware options and 24/7 remote technical assistance, and onsite if applicable.


User-generated content (UGC) has been proven an effective marketing strategy across all types of organizations. The marketing content from your audience can pull an extreme increase in engagement rate, traffic and sales conversion. Crowdrif understood and incorporated their AI-powered marketing platform for all their travel and tourism customers. With more than 500 million images and over 350 DMO partnership worldwide,Crowdriff continues to enable marketers to explore and engage with their audience through digital content. Digital displays and multi-touchpoint devices are considered to be one of the top strategies to drive deeper engagement with your visitors and guests Raising brand awareness and nurturing adequate destination information. We, at TrueOmni, had the pleasure to work with several DMOs that believe in the power of Social media and its user’s content. Destinations like San Francisco, Louisiana Tourism, Visit Montrose, Visit Mesa, Sioux Falls and Columbia South Carolina.Using our OmniPlatform, we integrated with Crowdriff: To allow their chosen hashtags to freely reflect not only on their website but also across any digital device deployed by Omni Handpick hashtagged pictures and videos from their social media accounts – this is to prevent spam and unnecessary tagging’s Our omnichannel solution allows sharing within multiple devices – kiosks to phone, phone to displays and more! By setting up channels through location, we can utilize the power of the Crowdriff platformto engage visitors and guests, and drive rich in-destination and on-property experiences.Enjoying the latest and the freshest content for their visitors – updated listings, itineraries, events and more throughout the omnichannel

Assa abloy

Assa Abloy is one of the global experts in access solutions, covering services related to gates, locks, any entrance automation solution, as well as control identities such as card, biometrics, keys and the likes. Established in 1994, Assa Abloy started with manual locks and eventually moved to digitalization allowing automated methods to be sold to residential, commercial and institutional markets. They have recently bagged the 2019 German Brands Award’s gold award in “Excellent Brands – Building and Element”. Key Goals: Build an integrated Omnichannel solution through TrueOmni platform for Hotel Next, the very first hotel Incubator turned boutique hotel located in the heart of Zapopan City in Guadalajara, Mexico. This fully automated hotel is offering self-service, frictionless guest experiences through mobile and interactive touch solutions for all guests. In alignment to their mission, Hotel Next and TrueOmni looked for a partner that could help implement: Hotel room access with the use of mobile key Mobile and Kiosk Check-in and check-out option Automated security solutions for all hotel access points Backend integration with current PMS Network integration inclusive of beacon, internet, and Bluetooth devices 24/7 support system Solution: TrueOmni worked hand in hand with Assa Abloy to provide Hotel Next, the automation they need. Assa Abloy provided a standard and simplified process to integrate existing mobile solutions and connection to the OmniPlatform for ongoing integration possibilities and new ways to engage throughout the hotel. Here are some of the details on this partnership: Core functionalities: TrueOmni became a certified provider of the Assa Abloy solution Provided complete network setup and integration solution on property Integrated mobile key to existing Hotel Next mobile app Ensured installation of each lock and connection to network Designed a plan for hotel and room access to develop frictionless guest engagement Integration with Cloudbeds PMS to manage the check in and mobile key process


Established in 2012, Cloudbeds have now served thousands of hotels in 148 countries with more than 700,000 beds in their system. This multi-awarded cloud-based hospitality management suite offers one log-in to sync all the tools inclusive of your property’s PMS, channel managers, reporting tools, payment system and more.   Key Goals: HotelNext, Guadalajara, Mexico’s very first fully automated 4-star boutique hotel had to find a hospitality property management system that would work directly with their goals and vision. The goal was to find a way to easily integrate and manage connections in one platform. Some of the highlighted features for the guest and the staff are to be: Automated Mobile Check-in and Check-Out Mobile Key room accesses Automated information through touchscreen devices and mobile phone Backend integration with 3rd party Accounting tools Network integration inclusive of beacon, internet, and Bluetooth devices Consolidated solution to handle different OTAs and other Channel Managing tools Solution: TrueOmni a digital experience provider for travel and hospitality industry partnered with Cloudbeds, to integrate these different touch points through the connection of the OmniPlatform. TrueOmni allowed maximization of Cloudbed’s full potential in providing guest-facing and backend tool integrations that provide a frictionless engagement feature for Hotel Next’s guests. Here are the following implementations: Core functionalities: Mobile and Kiosk based Check in and Check out Mobile Key and Lock solutions through mobile app, and kiosk Kiosk integrated hotel key creation Connectivity to all networks and BLE devices around the hotel premises Integration with accounting tools like QuickBooks, NetSuite, etc. POS processing made easy with integrations to Stripe, PayPal, etc.


The revolutionary vision of Salesforce in creating a cloud-based solution vs the contemporary CRM software sent their name to the top of the list. Being the first and only SaaS company back in 2000s, they provided a new direction to small and large business’s strategy in efficiently managing their internal data. Salesforce has just been recently awarded by Forbes as one of 2018’s Most Innovative Companies in the world and have been climbing the ladder of the Fortune 500 companies since 2013. Salesforce has evolved from a standard CRM platform, to an all-around solution in managing marketing, sales, social help desk and more. They have also created an official developer platform (the first PaaS) and launched their own marketplace for all third-party apps that can integrate with them. Along with all other 150,000 brands, San Francisco Travel and Visit Orlando also relied on Salesforce for their content management. With the arising competition on the destination side, unique visitor experience plays a vital role to outstand the others. San Francisco wanted to provide a digital solution that can integrate with their existing CRM to: Allow visitors to get as much mapping, events and listing information as possible Provide guest an omnichannel solution where they can transfer data from the touchscreen devices to their mobile or email Provide real-time analytics and people count Allow ticketing and local purchases for revenue generation True Omni worked hand in hand with Salesforce to provide the freshest content on all digital displays and touchscreens.By allowing our True Omni  to work as a middleman between these 2 systems, we instantaneously provided a more personalized approach to visitor’s informational needs. The integration provides easy backend access and secured data transfer for the local management while extending solutions to Kiosk, Touch, Digital Display and Videowall technology.


Headquartered in Tampa, Threshold360 has been working across 19 countries with about 150,000 stored library locations. Founded in 2013, the company has been known to provide extensive virtual tour to guests and travelers. Recent research shows that dynamic and interactive content drives over 30% more engagement within any connection and content interaction. Venues, hotels and more can increase clickthrough’s and even bookings by 27%. As an omnichannel interactive solution provider, TrueOmni is constantly evolving the points of connection and ways to drive visitor, customer and guest experience. The partnership with Threshold is the next generation of content to drive value for both users and the business we support.With this solution, you can easily add dynamic content to any product we offer, Kiosk, Mobile and Digital Signage. Help customer navigate allow them to explore and put the power of engagement with your users and power of learning in your analytics. 360 Content that allows users to see venues and explore through any device Integrate to any listing CRM or Database to connect your listings and stakeholders to interactive videos Extend Google Streets content indoor, providing more dynamic opportunities Push content by location to allow members and partners to differentiate Drive more revenue by value added services for both members and advertising partners Continue to expand your video content by provide interactive connection points San Francisco was the perfect starting point for our partnership, allowing us to explore both the Omnichannel, online connection and visitor services content for anyone going through the Moscone Center. We continue to evolve our products on behalf of our customers and our passion for visitor experience. Threshold shares this same passion for what they do, and we are excited to be a strategic partner with them and our destination and hotel customers.  

Destination Travel Network

Destination Travel Network (DTN) has been in the advertising space exclusively for the Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) since 2010, under Simpleview’s umbrella. They aim to provide customized advertisement packages that publishes directly to the destination’s official tourism site. Local industry professionals ensure that the content posted are relevant and timely as they update this daily. DTN allows advertisers to target prospect visitors by purchasing targeted space online, allowing full, powerful exposure. Visit Albany and Visit Baltimore are amongst the many DMOs that entrusted their advertisement strategy to DTN. Based on a recent statistic, 2/3 of consumers can recall a specific advertisement they have seen from the previous week, which can increase the purchase ratio to about 144% if it was on a form of a video. Goal is to get world-class campaigns integrated with their website to provide their stakeholders to advertise and advantageously generate revenue While Albany and Baltimore plan of rolling out touchscreens and kiosks on their visitor centers, they wanted to find a robust solution that can integrate with their existing CRM as well as the advertisement platform. TrueOmni allowed easy integration of any existing CMS/CRM across any touchpoint devices that we deploy. This will entitle the DMOs to easily transfer real-time content to the touchscreens, inclusive of: Localized Ads on any devices Enhanced Event Listings Ads Pre-made and custom Itineraries Ads Maps – Nearby Restaurants, shops and the Where to go’s Analytics, facial recognition and people count options Online advertisement connected to in destination engaging Ads Direct revenue and member value


IDSS power their over 170 destination customers, with a cloud-based CRM built to enhance customization and stability, through their iDSS Cyclone.This web-based platform allows a monthly deployment of new features with their new unified codebase. Their goal-oriented mission empowers destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to work on their preferred workflow – from sales to finance, marketing strategy, membership services to online and on-site services Big Bear Lake CVB and Visit Berkeley are two of the many destinations who entrusted their content management to IDSS. Providing them an all-in-one access to all the business-required features.By allowing a seamless integration process from IDSS to our OmniPlatform, we permitted easy data flow from CRM to Displays, Kiosk, touchscreen and all other touchpoints, our DMO clients acquired: Effortless content data management; creation and transfer of new calendar events, listings or customer itineraries Quick deployment to the new OmniPlatform – allowing easy control of 1st and 3rd party modules managed as client sees fit Real-time analytics and people count via Omni’s Kiolytics 24/7 Remote Technical support and easy web-ticket submission process Effective and managed options to allow IDSS customer an automated data solution with centralized data push and pull options. TrueOmni believes in a true middleware solution that allows connection to all existing systems, UGC platforms and 1st and 3rd party products. Our solution aims to provide easy transition allowing DMOs to fully maximize the modules that they availed.


From the blooming $2.3 trillion e-Commerce sales in 2017, a $2.2 trillion increase by 2021 is expected based on Statistic’s report. We aim to help our retail customers integrate their Shopify stores directly to Kiosks, Touchscreens and mobile devices. Challenge Our mutual retail customer were looking at ways to increase conversion rates and experiences by integrating sales opportunities across all digital platforms available. Some of the goals are: Integration of existing Shopify Stores into a robust in-store experience Build together an inventory management model that can mimic online and offine options Keep existing brand and website layout, providing brand consistency Build a more robust in-store digital experience Ensure easy installation, and support Solution Integration of existing Shopify stores into robust touch and mobile engagement options without having to redo or rethink how the platform is used, or how inventory is managed.   We created a solution to fit any retailer’s strategy and budget built for the next generation of consumer. Easily Integrate an existing Shopify store to any Kiosk or Mobile option Dedicated branding and navigation to create consistency of connection and commerce Allow multi-channel selling – enabling customers to manage purchases at the kiosk or on their personal devices Social-based selling and UGC – connect customers and consumers through social channels in-store Integrated, easy to install hardware options from table top, standing and wall mount 24/7 specialist that can monitor and support both software and hardware