Prince Waikiki

Prince Hotels Hawaii is a distinguished hospitality group that has long been synonymous with luxury and authentic Hawaiian encounters. With a rich legacy spanning decades, their properties embody the essence of Hawaii’s culture while offering modern comforts. Products Used Touchscreen Digital Signage Enviroment Hotel Year 2023 Key Goals: Prince Hotels Hawaii embarked on a transformation journey to elevate the guest experience to new heights. Their core goals were: Enhanced Engagement: To forge deeper connections between guests and Hawaii’s culture, attractions, and services. Effortless Exploration: To simplify guests’ exploration, providing easy access to information, activity planning, and island navigation. Personalization: To offer tailored experiences by understanding individual preferences and curating recommendations. Continuous Enhancement: To gather insights from guest interactions and feedback for ongoing improvement. Solution: Prince Hotels Hawaii partnered with True Omni, a hospitality technology leader, for a comprehensive solution: Hardware Touch Screens placed strategically to empower guess access to information, activities and local navigation Digital Signage showcasing brand, events, social and visual ways to immerse guests in the hotel experience Software CMS (Content Management System): A dynamic CMS ensured guests stayed informed about events, promotions, and offerings. Amedues integrated for hotel and local events Open table enabled reservations to drive convenience and engagement Wayfinding customized point to point mapping solutions for easy navigation Analytic tools to provide valuable insights Extensions Advertising: Targeted ads highlighted promotions and local businesses, enhancing guest experiences. Events: Guests were kept updated with a dynamic calendar of Hawaiian events, fostering cultural immersion. Flight check-In: Integrated digital check-in streamlined arrivals, saving time and enhancing convenience. Wayfinding and Navigation: User- friendly navigation tools simplified island exploration, ensuring guests enjoyed every facet of their stay. Reservations: Spa and local amenities booking Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?


Solterra’s main goal is to create projects that embody sustainable craft construction and community-oriented design meant to enhance guest and property ownership experience. Since 2008, Solterra’s vision is to make not only human-to-human connections amongst property owners but also with the space and the overall natural environment Products Used CiCo – Countertop Cosmic II PWA Enviroment Hotel Lobby Year 2021 Key Goal: Solterra has ingrained in their values the option to showcase a deeper commitment to sustainability and would like to apply this all throughout their properties. In this regard, they are in search of a software/hardware partner who can help reduce carbon footprint and promote advanced booking, touchless technology options, and new ways of guest experience and engagement. Here are some of the features that they want to implement. Allow guests, property renters, and owners to enter specific allotted areas using mobile devices Easily register for spas, events, yoga sessions, and more through dedicated touchscreens Create a PWA that will integrate with their existing property management systems along with all other 3rd party software tools Provide integrated access bracelets and ways of managing engagement and experience Solution: In this partnership, we focused on an integrated booking widget providing an omnichannel way of booking and amenity sales. Combined with interactive screens and mobile progressive web app solutions, avoiding app stores and opening up easy connection points. With key integrations with all selected partners and ensuring a central management point for easy navigation and engagement options. Here is the key basis of the project: Core Functionality: Integration with Mews, Alice, Book 4 Time, and building a connected experience Interactive Mapping that covers both the property and the destination Utilize RFID bracelets for touchless check-in and registration Creation of an online booking widget on the kiosks, web, and mobile for easier booking and reservations Integration with CRM and CMS for real-time updates on content, imagery, and ad deployments 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Support, including turn-key installation and management Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?

Sanibel Captiva Beach and Resorts

Sanibel Captiva Resorts is one of the leading hotel groups in Southwest Florida offering four exceptional resorts along with different other establishments like entertainment locations, restaurants, spas and more making them one of the top hotel operators in the island. Products Used Native App Video Wall 6×1 Video Wall 4×1 Display  Cosmic II Enviroment Hotel Lobby Year 2021 Key Goal: Sanibel & Captiva Islands has been awarded as one of the top family vacation destinations and so it is expected for most travelers to come in groups or pairs. Since SCBR is handling multiple resorts, they wanted to find a solution to simplify administrative tasks while making it more convenient for the guests to place requests. They decided to look for a mobile solution that can provide the following: Custom-branded native app following SCBR’s Branding guidelines Digital coupons and deals with options to track per department Connect with Oracle Cloud solution for integrated back-end management Provide local information to tourists, such as upcoming events and places to visit Ability for guests to check-in & Check out through the app (Phase 2) Guest to staff messaging options inside the app (Phase 2) Solution: True Omni partnered with Oracle to deliver an advanced mobile app solution to Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts through Oracle’s Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP). Through OHIP, SCBR no longer has to access different platforms to access their data as Opera Cloud allows them to connect all their hotel applications in one innovative mobile application platform. Here are the main features unlocked for all resorts: Core Functionality: Oracle Integration to easily confirm guests & all types of booking information Mobile Food ordering through Micros integration (Phase 2) Coupon Feature allowing easy provision and redemption of deals through the app Coupon Management – backend support for seamless tracking and reporting Reservations options through OpenTable for all restaurants Mobile Check-in & Checkout through Oracle’s Opera for phase 2 Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?


If you are looking for a romantic resort filled with water and land adventures in the Caribbean, Sandals Emerald Bay is one of the many resorts and locations to connect with the beauty and our door nature. Each resort has amazing things to do daily, from Kayaking, windsurfing, golf, tennis, to nightlife and rejuvenating relaxation amenities – Sandals will cover it all. Sandals is definitely the very pinnacle of an all-inclusive luxurious vacation for couples and adults. Products Used Mobile Native App Tablet Native App Enviroment Hotel  Year 2021 Key Goals: Sandals and Beaches Resorts looked for a way to connect and create a better guest experience. Since there had been an increase in reservations, Sandals had to find a way to still personalize their guest’s experience despite the growing number. So, to resolve this they looked at creating a mobile app that can assist with their preferred features and functionalities: Access to all resorts through one app Aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use mobile app Option for coupon and event information Notifications as guest walk the property Connect guest preferences with day’s activities Upsell guests on key vacation features they love New ways to engage with loyalty programs Solution: TrueOmni helped Sandals in creating its first native apps accessible in both iOS and Android platforms. Connecting all features of each resort and providing tools for resort navigation and information. The key to creating this app for Sandals is to focus on individualization and personalization options that allow guests to get the most from their experience. Omni enabled features as a phase 1 project here are a few: Core Functionality: The mobile app connected directly to INFOR their PMS system Allow instant connection to staff to guest instant messaging and services Integration with their current CMS – Simpleview, for easier backend updates Activity and event information goes digital Interactive mapping for enhanced resort navigation Loyalty Program Sandals Select– Club Sandals connected Data capture through analytics, heat mapping, and traffic patterns Next-generation services in a phased approach – Spa reservations, Pre-arrival services, new maps for blue dot wayfinding Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?

Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa

Marriott Sanibel is a 4-year Hall-of-Famer of TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for Courtside Steakhouse, 2019’s Couple Choice awards for Wedding wire, and many others. Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa also caters to corporate meetings, events, and other activities, with over 30,000 lavish sq. ft meeting space to maximize.   Products Used Cosmic II Enviroment Hotel  Year 2020 Key Goals: Look at new ways to manage the rapid increase of guest bookings, activities, need for concierge and guest-facing services. The decision was made to utilize new digital options to help reinvent their guest services strategy. The resort had a wide array of services that they wanted to extend to guests, so they can view while the staff was busy or take certain tasks in their own hands. Look for an automated concierge solution that would: Answer frequently asked questions Reserve resort restaurants Book tours and local tickets Provide mapping options for both islands List of local and hotel events Easy features to build and share Itineraries Solution: We had the pleasure to work strategically with Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa to launch their first-ever interactive Concierge kiosk, providing guests and staff an easy-to-use digital interactive solution. Built for easy informational tools but also to help guests and travelers to understand the area and create their own experiences. The key to the solution and vision included the following: Core Functionalities: Easy integration with local chamber and destination data points Can integrate with local business and tourism sites Interactive mapping for both islands Easy automated data updates Things to do, broken down by guests’ preferences Events for easy reservations Analytics to understand more about their guest’s preferences Email and Text to share all features Build and share itineraries directly to guests’ phone Advertising module for increased awareness and revenue generation Nick Sobrieralski, Marriott Sanibel Harbour and Spa’s Front Office Manager believe that this launch is a promising initiative for their hotel. “We need to give each guest our attention and the best service possible, by providing these tools to allow guests to explore and refine their questions or even get the answers they need we can provide the best services possible. We also understand our younger travelers like the independence to easily find what they are looking for and then share it directly to their phone. We are excited about this program and look forward to its possibilities.” Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?

Hotel Next

The first of its kind a Hotel Incubator turned boutique hotel, located in the heart of the city of Zapopan, in Guadalajara, Mx, Hotel Next provides an opportunity for technology enthusiasts, students, and avid experience engineers to see technology and learn the needs and insights of a complete omnichannel tech experience by being a real guest. No front desk, no waiting to get to your room, automated check-in. check out and mobile key, digital food ordering and more. Products Used CiCo Display Native App Enviroment Hotel  Year 2022 Key Goals: This incubator hotel would be the first of its kind, featuring a hotel lobby with self-service login kiosks and full integration of mobile features access and solutions for the next generation of hotel guests. Some of the highlighted features that every guest will expect are: Remove the front desk and replace it with open space for guests to enjoy Kiosk and Mobile become the points of check-in and information Guests can text, call or even video conference with questions All information is sharable and accessible through Kiosk and Mobile Staff and guests connect around the hotel with a feeling of independence and support Solution: Hotel Next integrated the Omni Platform for their full omnichannel solution and complete automated hotel offering. With the connection of all existing PMS, Accounting, backend systems, applying next-generation of mobile key, and lock access systems we were able to set a structure integration plan for the first and many more hotels to come. Here are the highlighted features: Core Functionalities: OmniPlatform to connect all existing 1st and 3rd party systems Integration with Cloudbeds for mobile check in and check out Integration of Assa Abloy wireless locks and mobile key options Omni Connect solutions for guest to staff communication Trip Advisor and Viator ticketing and reservation attraction solutions Samsung Hospitality solutions for each room connecting a full entertainment experience Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?


Hilton, marked as one of the leading hotel brands proved to be at the top bringing 2018 as one of their most successful years on record. Hilton setting the pace for innovative strategy in the hospitality industry continues to grow as they expand their multiple brands around the globe. Products Used Cosmic II Display Enviroment Hotel  Year 2019 Challenge Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic, believes that providing excellent guest experience differentiates their brand versus their competitors. With this, they required help in implementing an overall interactive, display and meeting solution with all new hotel build outs. Some of their needs are: Integrated solution to provide digital display content. Integrated meeting room signage solution Branded Kiosks providing hotel & local information. Easily managed and controlled internally. 24/7 Support and monitoring on all hardware. Solution: TrueOmni was given the great opportunity of integrating complete Omnichannel solutions with our our Omni platform and data integration. With the integration of Amadeus data and solutions, all the events and hotel information updates real-time through any screen. Hilton requires both digital and interactive options for their brands, and Omni answered by providing foundation software to easily grow and build on.    Some Key features include: Integrated Kiosk and Touchscreen solution throughout the property. Seamless data integration with Amadeus and website information. Omni Platform to easily manage social and property content. UGC and social platform for #hashtag engagement on a local and regional basis. Real time analytics and data reporting. Easy upgrades to HMS integration and Mobile app tools. 24/7 Hardware and Software Support Ready to modernize your current services with TrueOmni?