Capturing New Data Points: Connecting with your next-generation travelers


Capturing New Data Points: Connecting with your next-generation travelers

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Data is one of every Marketing Organization’s concerns. In fact, this has always been at the top of the list and explained as a challenge for most organizations.   During this post-Covid era, data has now overtaken ‘awareness’ as the top priority among marketers. It’s either they don’t have enough data or they don’t have it in a manageable state or both. In contrast to this statement, commercial attractions, retailers etc. are collecting a huge amount of visitor information, however, they may struggle with management and profiling

If we look back into the visitor journey, we can see the areas most organizations can track, OTA’s, etc provide key information on how travelers get inspired and explore and book.  From Initial booking (pre-travel online reviews & ticket purchasing) to arrival, activities purchased, retail data through the point of sale, accommodation reservations up to travelers connected to your wifi network, and such – the truth is there’s so much data gathered all throughout this process most organizations base they metrics from these data sources

However, what happens when travelers drive, or once they arrive at their destination that is where it becomes more complicated.   Visitor centers and stopping points are great places for data but most are unable to get even 20% of travelers info.   Not only is it hard in some cases to know where they come from, but where they are going and this inlies the biggest opportunity to connect the journey dots.   As a quick side note local travelers, driving to locations is to increase by 37%, are you ready to capture more data?

Acknowledging the Visitor Journey

It is important that we first recognize the visitor journey to help destinations gather the most information. The three main stages on a visitor journey as perceived are the following: 

  • Discovery – this stage includes visitor interest and awareness; searching for destination information and former traveler’s reviews, getting recommendations from friends, or through advertisements. This stage is essential as it leads to concluding whether they would push through or just consider a different location.
  • Engagement – this stage is when your visitors are actually on-site and enjoying the activities that were previously considered. Data is prominent during this stage as this is where you can define where travelers would spend most of their time if they have considered any attraction/experience over the other and know which interactions lead to actual retail purchases.
  • Post-travel – most commonly the part where travelers leave their feedback (this can also be done on-site) or own personal review via social media, or other travel-reviewing sites.  And then the cycle repeats itself for other travelers. 

The question is, how do local destinations gather data during these stages with the careful consideration of the new traveler’s demand for safety and less human-to-human interactions? It’s based on digital and taking notes from some of the biggest brands in the world.

First, the Top Devices that can produce key data:

  • Mobile-  We all know how much data we share with Facebook and Amazon, now it’s your turn.  Remember you have to give to get so build a good strategy and useful product.   
    • Key data: Location, Origination, Navigation, Name, Age and much other information is available if travelers find it valuable enough to share
      • Special note try not to build an app when possible, look at alternatives like the Omni PWA, providing app features without going to the app store.
  • Interactive Screens:  Location, Location, Location is still alive but if properly placed in high traffic areas you can increase data in most cases by 30% in key locations
    • Key Data: Email, Phone numbers from sharing, Navigation, and listings selected, see key modules for engagement below
  • Digital Signage:  Digital Billboards are worth their weight in gold, revenue is the key feature but data is a close second
    • Provide impression rates to your advertisers and members
    • Get better people count and utilize demographic recognition
    • Connect your location data with digital for more revenue options

Top Module or Options to capture Better visitor data

  1. Guestbook –  not paper, but digital and not an iPad but look at more creative ways to empower your staff or provide interactive experiences through larger screens
  2. Photobooth-  Get them engaged with your brand, provide Instagram and selfie moments with your own graphical connection, images, emojis, and more
  3. Itinerary builder-  Typically this isn’t your website itinerary builder, this is a useful navigation tools that lets people find information by preferences and suggestions
  4. Interactive Trails-  Educate visitors on the unique options from ale, wine, hiking and historic connect great content to check in and reward options to learn more
  5. Scavenger hunts-  Get your groups engaging and provide fun for families and friends, connect locatl businesses and track coupon or other redemptions options
  6. Visitor Counters – Measure the number of individual visitors, peak times, visitor flow, density, with tools from mobile to door counters and demographic recognition 
  7. Surveys/Feedback – gather essential customer information and their unbiased feedback through surveys provided at the right time and through the right device
  8. Geofencing and Beacon – Know the number of travelers who pass specific areas and gather accurate foot traffic, while providing strategic messaging for engagement 
  9. Chatbots and Text – 55% of businesses that use chatbots generate more high-quality data.  Ensure convenient and new ways for information and connection points
  10. Real-time Analytics – connect Kiosks, Mobile, Digital Signage and people counters to drive new points of data and combine your marketing and destination efforts

Growing Tech tools, Drive Convenience and Better Data

Since travelers now prefer touchless and seamless technology, travel organizations have a great opportunity to drive convenience, safety and learn more about there customers.

  1. QR codes -. QR scanning can easily connect offers/deals/listings that are posted on both printed and digital materials to their mobile. 
  2. RFID Devices and Wearables – Wearable devices are becoming prevalent for travelers, and can be used for commerce, check in and property management tools
  3. Kiosks and Digital displays – Upon arrival, allow visitors to experience brand connecting options, social posts and new ways to discover and engage as they see fit

What to do with Big Data and how can this help Tourism?

  1. Enhance your marketing initiatives and pinpoint campaigns based on traveler’s profiles, locations, demographics, etc. 
  2. Build and launch personalized itinerary and tours tailored to your visitor’s interests. Understand how this data can help shape offerings based on demographics
  3. Consolidate data into profiles based on key metrics being tracked online and indestination, connect new forms of in destination data with traditional forms
  4. Big data can help destinations with the crucial decision-making process on how to engage and make centers more engaging, to sharing and providing the right information
  5. Use data to drive more sustainable options for your organization, find new ways travelers are happy to engage or use that helps the environment and community

Want to learn more about how to connect different data points, and utilize high-traffic areas, centers and attractions to build better data for your and your stakeholders organization.    We work with organizations to help them leverage what they have and provide options for simple upgrades to increase real relevant data options.

Call us at 833-300-6664 or email us at info@trueomni and our team will help you look at options best fit for your organization.

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