Building an Economical Tech Ecosystem – Things you need to Know


Building an Economical Tech Ecosystem – Things you need to Know

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In multi-department companies, there’s clearly about multiple, if not, dozens of tools or platform that’s being used in different departments. The collection of these applications that complement the platform is called Technology Ecosystem. One of the benefits of using this ecosystem is that these apps are expected to integrate to and from each other. This ecosystem is anticipated to solve the overall need of the company while expanding the system use.

The Challenge
Since there had been overwhelming rise of applications to choose from, it has been a challenge for some organizations to choose the one that works best depending on their industry and market’s needs. Although innovation is something we always look forward to, this also creates another challenge – the rise of data silos. Some organizations don’t have time to validate these new technologies so this would be quite challenging for several industries like the construction industry, F&B, etc.

How to build your own technology ecosystem with limited resources?
Since acquiring several different technologies are essential in order to run different functioning departments, then there will be a struggle to: 

  1. Take time to learn thoroughly the functionality of the new apps
  2. Financially allocate apps that fit your current budget

Here’s our recommended solutions in order to get your ideal tech ecosystem:

  1. Since everything works on mobile, nowadays, might as well look for tools that works with any type of mobile device. Look for open-APIs that are flexible and scalable for your organization.
  2. Set your goals and look for tools and new technologies that would help you reach your goal. For example, if you are aiming to get travelers or guests back by driving preventive COVID19 solutions then go for tools that can help you drive assurance. You can easily implement touchless and contactless technology that can integrate with your existing systems.
  3. Make advantage of free trials to see if the features are working well for your organization. You will then be able to compare which one is more user-friendly, efficient and budget-friendly too!
  4. Read through testimonials and see which are highly recommended that’s from the same industry as yours. Get connected and see if their experience is legitimate and know what their current struggles are.

When looking at ecosystems there is a lot to learn, at Omni we provide new ways tools and options for extending to any device and ensuring the right content and information is available. If you are looking at ways to connect your systems to a more frictionless experience reach out and we can show you some options and projects that can help you move forward. You can reach us by calling 833-300-6664 or sending us an email @

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