Back in 2020, it is estimated that over 22.5 million people visited the State of Alabama with over $13.4 billion estimated total spending. The number of visitors shows how much Alabama is gaining a lot of traction and revenue through travel and tourism activities.

Key Goal:

Alabama Tourism Department is gaining back momentum and is now looking to provide tourists with a more exciting and modern in-destination experience. ATD along with Alabama’s Department of Transportation renovated their new welcome center with the goal to find a technology partner that can provide interior design services and software/hardware solutions to their visitor center. Here are some of the key goals:


True Omni worked with its interior designers to provide design options for the Lanett Welcome Center, the first of the many centers to be launched. Built to engage from the flow and technology connection points to make it fully functional and accessible for different types of visitors. We will launch 20-screens, 5 kiosks and PWA as a connected experience in the promotion of the state’s local attractions.

Core Functionality: