Access Control meets Cloud Engagement The Evolution for Rentals, Hotels, and Boutiques


Access Control meets Cloud Engagement The Evolution for Rentals, Hotels, and Boutiques

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In the pursuit of automation, hotels, residences, and even planned communities’ first step will always lead to property management and access control. The goal is to provide access or provide options guests, residents, or tenants can use to access specific areas without having to do it manually. Apart from rooms and areas, some optional controls can include amenities or utilities such as lights, air conditioning, sockets, etc. 

There are different access control implementation options for the hospitality and commercial real estate industry. Here are the most common ones:  Which include a mix of technologies, however, when done properly you can easily manage all of them from one platform.  Cloud-based Access/Web Portal Systems, Digital Key, Mobile, and Interactive Touch/Kiosks. 

  1. Cloud-based access systems – Cost is one of the biggest advantages of using a Cloud-based system. Since everything will be accessed through the cloud, you no longer need hardware, support costs, or costly IT people.   Most programs include monthly or ongoing support that covers the regular maintenance of the actual system. You can manage the database of access points or ways to update navigation and policies from a web browser. 

  2. Keyless entry is one of the most popular features for contactless manageable and convenient access in hospitality or any property.   Using a cloud-based system for your digital lock and key management can help increase efficiency for your business as well as convenience for your customers. Through Bluetooth/NFC, guests will have access to their room keys (as well as other inclusive amenities and areas).   For the digital lock solution, service providers often provide different unlocking methods – (1) pre-recorded numerical codes that can be tapped/clicked on the actual door locks or (2) Mobile phones via Bluetooth, (3) Fingerprint 

  3. Mobile  – Mobile is king for your guests and is the first step to connecting a more contactless and manageable experience.   Normally called digital or mobile key, your guests simply book or reserve and they are presented with check-in and digital key options making it seamless and convenient to connect with your property.  
    • Here’s how it works. Customer books a room and receives a confirmation email containing the link to download the mobile key, they are prompted to go to your mobile app for details.. When they arrive on-property, the properties reservation system, PMS activates the mobile key platform upon guest’s successful check-in. The mobile key platform sends an encrypted digital key to the guest’s phone which can be used to unlock their rooms by tapping or just simply holding it close. During checkout, the PMS is automatically alerted to prompt the disabling of the mobile key through the mobile platform. 
    • Security is strong and processes is easier to manage with encryption and other built-in tools.   You can see who and when someone accesses a location and how long they stay.   Ensure you have different digital keys for housekeeping or management and always know the state of your property.

  4. Interactive Touch or Kiosks – Just like mobile devices, your interactive touch products or kiosks can also serve well in providing easy access control for your guests and visitors. These units can be linked to create and deliver encrypted room keys or even plastic keys to ensure a complete contactless experience. With the ability to book right at the point of purchase and get your key or confirmation through email, text, or paper. Help customers avoid lines and provide options for guests that may not want to use a mobile device. Also effective when guests need new keys or other types of engagement, which can be available 24×7 365 with no staff required.

If you are looking for a vendor partner that can help you build a more frictionless strategy for your hotel through digital implementation, reach us at 833 300  6664 or email us at and we will get a marketing/sales specialist to assist what you need and what suits you best.

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