5 Ways To Use Videowalls To Open up your Experience


5 Ways to use Video Walls to Open up your Experience

Picture of By Sean O'Brien

By Sean O'Brien

Digital Signage is becoming more and more engaging with opportunities for brands to display and communicate their features and value. With Video Walls you increase your display and engagement possibilities by opening up large areas or communication and connections and driving eyeballs that will be attracted to your location or connect with people as they pass by.

Video Walls and large displays possess stunning visual designs with high-resolution, providing instant attraction to onlookers. The increasing demand for digital content and information has led to interactive ads, photos, and videos being shared through well placed screens. When utilized correctly, video walls serve as one of the best ways to make visitors aware of local restaurants, events, hotels, and transportation offerings. This enhances the visitor experience and encourages them to engage and connect with the business or destination.


In this blog, we will discuss 5 key ways to use video walls to open up your experience. The whole idea is about driving visitor engagement, using awareness tools that, when implemented in conjunction with existing marketing and revenue strategies, provide the opportunity to reinvent the visitor’s experience and knowledge of your destination.

1. Reach

80% of shoppers say they entered the store because digital signage caught their attention.  Video Walls are some of the latest technologies used to generate awareness and improve reach through digital. The greater your digital output, the higher the percentage of visitors you can connect with. It’s most effective in replacing static signage, and outdated paper ad campaigns. High-quality resolution screens are proven to attract the attention of more visitors that make eye contact with them. Making it possible to engage a greater audience with more impact than traditional campaigns in the past.

2. Content

52% of customers say they have seen digital signage in the past week.  Attention is everything. The easier it is to connect content with visitors will only improve their experience and encourage them to take advantage of what they are seeing. While the size of the screen will simply trigger most visitors to engage, displaying high-quality digital content is what will keep them there for longer. The longer time spent engaged, the more likely they are to take advantage of the content. Effectively showing photos and videos of people enjoying themselves in their destination are the best way to demonstrate the value of what you have to offer.

3. Promotion

In order to be successful in advertising through digital, a creative and effective marketing plan is necessary. Video Walls make it easier to execute campaigns and generate more impressions through a greater audience. These screens are a great way to ensure local promotions, deals, and offerings are consistently cycled and presented to visitors. When properly utilized, one video can quickly generate over one hundred impressions an hour, depending on the location and duration of the ad.  It’s a perfect tool to connect membership programs and revenue opportunities.

4. Advocacy

The first step in encouraging advocacy is to deliver an outstanding experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Long after they’ve left your brick-and-mortar location and returned home. Video Walls are a great way to incentivize visitors to share these memories with friends, family, and coworkers. As the old saying goes, you may only have one chance to impart a great first impression on them. One of the fundamental points is above all to stimulate the creation of user-generated content, content produced spontaneously by visitors, which are those who give a sense of authenticity and therefore trust, to others.

5. Conversion

It is expected that over 150 million tourists will travel in 2023. The travel industry currently has an overall average conversion rate of 4.7%, while top performers convert up to 18.2%. Marketing in the travel and tourism industry is tough, and only furthers the need to implement digital screens like video walls to help increase these numbers. We have seen how effective it is to divide targets into segments to appeal to all demographics of visitors. Appealing to a wider audience through digital is a great way to aid in boosting conversion rate. Conversion goes hand in hand with brand recognition as visitors are no longer dependent on the middleman.


As you look at digital signage and video walls being some of the most impactful here are a few pointers to finding the right vendor.   Ensure they understand your market and the tools at your disposal.   Ensure integrations to XML feeds and other ways to auto-update.   Look for tools for advertising options from pop-ups, banner ads, and large format options.   Ensure a platform you can manage and control your screens to avoid overcharges.  Lastly, ensure the hardware is commercial displays and that they can service if there is an issue.


If you are looking to transform your space and build awareness and revenue programs we would love to share what we have learned and offer some ideas and options.  You can contact us at  888-334-6664 or email us at info@trueomni.com







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