5 Reasons Visitor Experience is Important


5 Reasons Visitor Experience is Important

Picture of By Regina Carrillo

By Regina Carrillo

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) play a critical role in promoting and managing a destination’s image. The primary goal of DMOs is to attract visitors to a specific location and to enhance their experience once they arrive. The quality of a visitor’s experience in-destination is sometimes overlooked as a key part of the process.  However, DMOs, Attractions, and Hotels are learning more and more about why experience is a primary part of the marketing process. In this blog, we will discuss five reasons why visitor experience is important for DMOs.

As you read below we must also set the understanding that travelers and consumers have changed in their behavior.  They want more digital engagement points, they want more convenience controlled by how they want to engage with your brand.  As you think through these points you must also understand the opportunity to provide better in-destination content, and digital opportunities at points of interest and that these connections can have a ton of value.  Both with revenue, sustainability, and a better overall experience. 


1. Builing a Good Reputation

84% of customers will pay more for a better experience.   A positive visitor experience leads to satisfied visitors, which is essential for building a good reputation for a destination. Satisfied visitors are 48% more likely to share their positive experiences with others, both online and offline, which can lead to increased word-of-mouth promotion. This, in turn, leads to increased visitor numbers, which contribute to the local economy through increased spending on accommodation, food, and transportation.



2. Increased Loyalty and Repeat Visits

73% of Customers say experience directly connects to brand loyalty.   Visitors who have a memorable and enjoyable experience are more likely to return to the destination in the future. DMOs should make it their priority to provide a high-quality visitor experience, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat visits. A focus on visitor experience can also lead to higher satisfaction levels among visitors, which can increase daily spend and deeper engagement.  



3. Attracting More Visitors

In today’s digital age, visitors are more informed and discerning. They have access to a wealth of information about destinations and can compare and evaluate destinations based on their experiences. A positive visitor experience can make a destination more attractive to visitors, as they are more likely to choose destinations that have a good reputation. 


4. Impact on Online Reputation

A positive visitor experience can also have a significant impact on a destination’s online reputation, as visitors are more likely to leave positive reviews and share their experiences on social media. DMOs should be proactive in creating a positive visitor experience, as this can have a positive impact on a destination’s online reputation and attract more visitors. According to analysis, 3 out of 4 respondents stated that reviews were extremely important in their decision-making process when planning travel.



5. Personalization Opportunities

In the age of technology and social media, it’s more important than ever for destinations to connect with visitors by using digital tools to help them personalize their vacations.  By providing new ways to connect with Mobile, Interactive, and signage channels customers get a better sense and understanding of the brand.  It’s now up to the destination to help them align the different things to do with their preferences, this ensures a better in-destination experience and more return visitors. More than half (63%) of customers will stop buying from brands that use poor personalization tactics.



BONUS: Boosting the Local Economy: 

We understand at this point the advantages of focusing on the visitor experience can result in many different economic benefits.   The shift is the way travelers want and get their information, this means more focus on localized personalized options and digital is the best way to connect these dots.   Activating key touchpoints with digital connections, information, booking, and awareness is the new battleground for all industries and brands.  84% of companies that focus on digital visitor/customer experience see an increase in revenues.  Destinations and travel organizations have a huge opportunity with key touch points from visitor centers, airports, transportation, and attractions to connect and drive real engagement and local opportunity.


If you would like to learn more about what travel organizations are doing to redefine and upgrade visitor experience check out our website, give us a call or send us an email.  We are happy to share what we have learned and are seeing in visitor experience improvements.

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