4 ways Digital Signage is Transforming Destination Marketing


4 ways Digital Signage is Transforming Destination Marketing

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Digital Signage is one of the most influential, yet incredibly seamless means to communicate with your guests or visitors. It’s very affordable that it can be easily paid for with the help of proper advertisement placings. Digital signage is also very simple to setup and this alone, is already a game-changer. Most companies are still reliant on third-party vendors along with their impossibly complicated content management systems. But now, in most cases, you can easily load the digital signage app right into your smart TV, micro pc or USB. Turn any screen into a robust visual, social, and revenue-generating display. 

traveling digital signage68% agreed that digital advertising would influence their decision to buy advertised products in the future. Digital Signage has a recall rate of 83%.

Visitor centers, airports, and other high-traffic areas are great locations to engage travelers while driving brand awareness and continuity.  We put together a series of key points you will want to consider as you integrate a robust Digital Signage solution.

Information points

60% of Millennial’s said they would consider visitor centers if they thought there was technology, easy-to-connect-to visitor information, and deals from their mobile devices. 

Publishing information about local businesses and events help any area become an information hub. This easily connects your traveler deeper to what is the latest happening on the area.  Large format digital screens, video walls, and information kiosks are strategically placed in high traffic areas and exhibition environments. As an upgrade to the norms, many of these tourism centers and places of interest are beginning to move the signages outdoor. By incorporating a weather-proof casing, they influence a larger crowd, arousing interest to more than who’s already set to visit.


Local Travel-related searches for “tonight” and “today” have grown over 150% on mobile, over the past two years.

Attractions, hotels and local restaurants can advertise specific rates and offers. Exhibitions and activity-based businesses, on the other hand, can reach tourists with location, pricing and opening times. Both are helping spread the flow of tourist revenue throughout a specific location.

Sharing news

Digital signage allows visitors to learn more about their destination and justify travel decisions by updating users with live information. The interactive self-service solution can provide travelers with up-to-date information on weather, local news, and upcoming events.


Digital signage displays can also help optimize the travel experience by enabling interactive modules and extensions help people travel from point A to point B more conveniently.  Allowing travelers with more sustainable options for an easier and more convenient travel times.

Collecting analytics

Enabling analytics is a great way to measure ROI and the effectiveness of content. Digital signage can be used to gather data and learn more about the visitors. The knowledge gained from analytics can be leveraged to tailor content for visitors and increase profitability.  Allow easy utilization of accessories such as cameras for people count and demographic recognition.

Travel and Tourism is an evolving industry, with an increasing demand for digital in destination strategy to connect with the next generation of travelers.  Turn any existing or new display, video wall or touchscreen into an interactive informational touchpoint. It’s never been easier and with our integration features to any existing CRM or CMS, our omnichannel platform can help you implement a strategy and solution in less than 30days.

Send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to share with you what we have done and how we can help you accomplish your marketing goals marketing@trueomni.com.

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